Tru Stone music began its journey in 2002 in the Detroit area rap music scene. More than an idea Tru Stone became known for its realistic and driven lyrics, with songs like What You Haters Talk About, Bustin Out, and Shake It and Twerk. Tru Stone delivered hard hitting music that had young people bopping their heads and rapping along. In 2003, the need to produce quality music pushed young company to turn its basement into a real studio. Giving it the ability to control not only its content and production but also how their music would be distributed. Tru Stone was a true independent company leading the way for many of todays artists.

Tru Stone took their image to the stage. Performing at Michigan State University's NPHC Step Show, Summer Jams. Making appearances in 8 Mile the Movie, Bustin Out: Detroit's Gone Wild Movie and the City Airport Car Show and various other venues. They have also been guests of the major radio personalities drive time shows: FM 98 WJLB's the Bushman and 105.9 WDTJ's Spud. All in all, the Tru Stone artists were making a name for themselves.

Tru Stone like any true gem mine produced, in 2006, the newest stone in its musical crown, Emerald Nation Entertainment. The musical genius behind both Tru Stone and Emerald Nation ENT is and was Lamar Robinson. Lamar began his musical journey as a rapper. However, Lamar quickly realized that his talents leaned more toward recognizing opportunities and producing talent. He quickly established himself as the man to go to for talented and upcoming rappers. Emerald Nation ENT can produce and provide services to all artists and entertainers. Lamar is focused on the talent.

His most recent efforts included the first online showcase called Emerald Nation First Online Showcase featuring Blast it or Pass It, one of his discoveries is upcoming artist Bobby Zpplin currently trending with his hit song 'On God'. Lamar has collaborated with well-known artists across varying music and entertainment platforms such as Boosie, Mario Winans, TK Kirkland, and Goody Mob.
Lamar took a hiatus from the music industry to focus on family. However, he never left the game and has several well established artists in the underground music scene, such as Bagman, Carolina Kane, Polowe Hash, Mike Philly, and a slew of other artists, he cannot wait to introduce us to.

Emerald Nation ENT has recently joined forces with Sony's the Orchard to publish digital music. With this joint venture Lamar is looking to take his artists mainstream. So, look for a return of Blast it or Pass it as they seek to find more new and exciting artists. The musical future for Emerald Nation ENT is now about to shine like the Northern Star, guiding many new artists to their brightest future yet.